The Dixon Reef Plantation

The European-Vanuatu Foundation funds and develops a research center, Dixon Reef, in order to develop new techniques for fermenting, drying and conditioning copra, cocoa beans and various agricultural products.

Farming has its rightful place too: there are about 50 animals in the livestock. The Dixon Reef Plantation is an agricultural structure combining innovation, production and sharing, located on the west coast of Malekula Island. Its remote location forces to reach a maximum self-sufficiency regarding energy (solar installation), food and construction.

The pilot farm is a resource center for the nearby communities.


Sustainable development

The European-Vanuatu Foundation has just acquired a silent mobile hybrid electrical generator (G2G) in order to produce electricity on the Dixon plantation. 

It is also planned to implement a pumping system down to 22 meters deep to help the village population in case of drought.